St Lucia

Explore global travel and business with St Lucia’s secure and advantageous passport.

Antigua and Barbuda

Unlock global mobility and vibrant Caribbean life with Antigua’s passport.

St Kitts and Nevis

St Kitts passport: Your key to global access and a luxurious Caribbean lifestyle.


Dominica’s passport: A gateway to global opportunities and serene island life.


Grenada passport: Explore the world and enjoy the spice island’s vibrant culture.


Vanuatu passport: Unlock global travel and immerse in rich Melanesian culture.


Saint Lucia and Dominica currently offer the most affordable citizenship by investment programs (CIPs) for individuals seeking a second passport. For families, Antigua and Barbuda has the most cost-effective citizenship by investment (CBI) program available. In Europe, Montenegro provides the lowest priced citizenship by investment route.

If acquiring citizenship in another country is not an option or your home country prohibits dual nationality, a golden visa (GV) residency program may be a suitable alternative to consider. However, dual citizenship rules can be complex, so it’s advisable to consult an immigration lawyer to fully understand your options and ensure you remain compliant with any regulations related to holding multiple citizenships. The legal experts can guide you on whether a residency program or citizenship is the better fit based on your specific circumstances.

Malta currently operates the only citizenship by investment program in the European Union that offers a pathway from residency to full EU citizenship. It’s important to note that Montenegro is located in Europe but not part of the European Union. So while Montenegro does offer a citizenship by investment program, it does not grant EU citizenship rights the way Malta does as an official member state of the European Union. When evaluating citizenship programs in Europe, be sure to clarify if the country is in the EU or just considered part of the broader Europe region, as there are differences in terms of rights and accessibility to other EU member states.

When applying for citizenship by investment programs in the Caribbean, original HIV test results from an approved medical examiner will need to be submitted for each applicant over the age of 12. Children under 12 years old are exempt from this requirement. It’s important to note that the HIV test report cannot be more than 3 months old at the time the citizenship application is submitted. This is a standard requirement for medical examinations related to Caribbean CBI programs, so adults and older children should arrange for an up-to-date HIV test when preparing their application materials.

Your agent can assist with the renewal process. As an existing citizen, you just need to pay the standard passport renewal fee – no need to re-invest.

To obtain a passport, you must first establish citizenship. Most countries issue a citizenship or naturalization certificate as legal proof of citizenship status, which then makes you eligible for a passport application. Simply having a passport does not guarantee citizenship rights.

Additionally, only passports serve as valid travel documents. Citizenship certificates alone do not facilitate international travel or prove citizenship for border entry.

  1. Antigua’s citizenship by investment program offers citizenship for a $1.5 million sole investment or joint investment of at least $5 million with a minimum of $400,000 per person into approved business projects like resorts, spas, hotels, or aquaculture.
  2. St Lucia requires a $3.5 million enterprise investment into an eligible business project.

Vanuatu – 1.5 months
Caribbean – 3-4 months
Cyprus – more than 6 months
Malta – more than 12 months

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